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Tanzanian Government Supports Chinese Government's Position on the issue of Hong Kong
2019-10-04 15:09

Dr. Hassan Abbasi, Director General of Tanzania Information Services and Chief Government's Spokesperson, confirmed the position of Tanzanian Government on the current issue of Hong Kong, during an interview with Xinhua News Agency, and China Media Group.

Dr Abbasi said, the ongoing issue in Hong Kong is an internal affair within China. The position of the government of Tanzania is very clear. "We do support the one country two systems approach of the government of the People's Republic of China. Actually this doctrine is within the UN Charter that states that internal affairs of countries have to be left to the countries themselves to resolve". "Second I need to take recognition of the current steps that the Hong Kong government itself has started to take which include meeting with the people there and to find an amicable solution. So I believe these internal steps with the Hong Kong government that have been taken are the best approach which other countries need to support". "On the third note, I have to speak to the youth of the world that whenever there are issues, violent protests and violent ways are not the best approach to resolve problems anywhere on earth". "I urge other countries to refrain from promoting or instigating some groups to riot or to engage in unlawful activities. Let the people Hong Kong, let the people of China manage this situation in an amicable settlement."

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