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The Twentieth Chinese Medical Team Left Tanzania for China
2009-08-19 16:26

Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania, H.E. Mr. Liu Xinsheng held a farewell party for all members of the 20th Chinese Medical Team on 15 August. Ambassador Liu thanked them for their special contributions to the Sino-Tanzania friendship, praised their active participation in all major diplomatic events such as the Olympic torch relay in Dar es Salaam and President Hu Jintao’s visit to Tanzania. Ambassador Liu also commended the team members for their daily medical treatment for Tanzanians at large as well as their devotion towards their patients. He wishes all the team members a safe journey home and every success in the future.

The 20th Chinese Medical Team has successfully finished its term in Tanzania and left for China on 16 August 2009. For the past two years, the 22 doctors of the team had been working separately in the Muhimbili National Hospital, Dodoma, Tabora and Musoma regional hospitals. They had become the backbones of the respective hospitals and good friends of the Tanzania people and doctors and nurses.

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