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To visa applicants
2019-07-01 02:50

1. Complete the online visa application form with true and accurate information. If the information on your application form is inconsistent with that on your passport, invitation letter or itinerary in China, you need to refill the online form and reschedule an appointment.

2. Submit all required documents when attending your appointment, otherwise, you need to refill the online form and reschedule an appointment.

3. Bear in mind that providing false information or forged documents to the visa officer is a serious offence and will lead to visa rejection. Such offence will be recorded and will have negative effects on your future visa applications. It is strongly recommended that you prepare all the documents including the online application and appointment by yourself.

Business visa documents checklist

1. Confirmation page of online visa application, confirmation page of appointment, completed visa application form.

2. Original passport with at least six months of remaining validity and sufficient blank visa pages, and a copy of the passport's data page.

3. Invitation letter issued by a business partner in China, copy of business license of that company, as well as copy of Chinese ID of the corporate juridical person of the company(copy of passport's data page and Chinese residence permit when the corporate juridical person is a non-Chinese person).

4. Original TIN of applicant and a copy, business license of the applicant's company or shop and a copy. Introduction letter and a copy of the company's business license if the applicant is an employee of a company.

5. Applicant's bank statement for last 3 months.

Embassy of the People's Republic of China

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

1st July, 2019

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