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Sera za Magufuli na ilikopita China (Magufuli's policies and how China achieved)
2017-07-03 16:47
  Habari Leo, June 30th, 2017

This is a translated article from Kiswahili. It was written by, Hamisi Kibari,  Habari Leo reporter who has just come from China recently.

"Seriousness in implementing policies, ignoring jokes and corruption and hard working enabled China to achieve economic transformation that is currently seen," says Dr Cheng Cheng, an Economic and Financial lecturer from Chongyang Institute of Renmin University of China.

Dr Cheng gave statement when responding to a question asked by one of the 35 journalists from 10 African countries who visited China for a seminar held in Beijing.

The seminar was about secret behind China's economic development which some data puts it as the second economy globally after United States.

Cheng asserts that 30 years ago before undertaking economic transformations, China was among the poorest nations on earth and it was receiving aids mainly from Japan and United States. Some aids were attached with tough conditions.

He said that Japan played a major support to the development of China; China learnt and adopted a number of things like technology from Japan.

Japan was at one time the second largest economy after United States.

China studies and tested various development theories to uplift the nation and hence adopted every good thing from many nations and localizing to fit her tradition and economic perspectives.

Dr Cheng's statement means the same with the current effort taken by Tanzania president John Magufuli who is seriously implementing policies, cracking down corruption and inculcating culture of hard work.

During political campaign in 2015, John Pombe Magufuli being CCM presidential candidate said his dream was to make Tanzania free from aids for development. He anticipated making Tanzania donor country.

In his three day visit to Coastal Region, President Magufuli repeated his statement that if Tanzanians do not work, they will die of hunger for the government does not have food to give the starved citizens.

Africa being China's partner

In his presentation about One Belt One Road that aims among other things to link China with other courtiers, Dr Cheng said China looks Africa as her trade partner and not aid recipient or dependant continent.

"An Economic professor, Justin Yifu Lin once said that China can assist Africa achieve development faster by helping Africa learn from China. China is doing so. We have no plan to exploit Africa or assist with stringent condition. China aims at doing fair business with Africa and have a cooperation of mutual benefits," said Dr Cheng.

He said Chinese have a proverb that says "You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime."

"We do not like Africa to dependant on China rather it should stand by her own legs through doing trade that benefits either side and also take part in international market," he said

China and Tanzania

China will be enlightened in a series of articles to be published in Habari Leo. The series aim at showing what Tanzania can learn from China that has 1.38 billion people the same as 20 per cent of people in the world. Tanzania is approximately to have 53 million people.

Beijing has a population of 21 million and Shanghai 24 million and if the population of the two cities is combined it becomes close to the population of Tanzania. Dar es Salaam is approximately to have 7 million people.

Beijing is a head quarter of China and commercial city while Shanghai is industrial and commercial city of China. The two cities are on high competition.

About 15 million children are born in China every year which is more than Rwandan population, currently 11 million.

China's GDP is US$10.87 trillion less than United States US$17.95 trillion and Japanese US$4.12 trillion and Tanzania's US$44.9 billion.

There are lot that Tanzania can benefit from China like Silk Road Initiative.

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